Under Bed Mount-Ford Prep Package

Eliminate Any Noise.

With the 18K Autoslide you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about cornering in small spaces. There is no more getting in and out to manually slide the hitch! Rain or shine, the 18K Autoslide simply makes your life easier.

The 18K Autoslide utilizes Double Pivot Head Technology to make hooking up and disconnecting safe and easy. Polyurethane bumbers integrated in to the head of the hitch also eliminate any noise from the hitch when towing.

  • Wrap around jaw with locking bar for a smoother, safer and more secure ride. Patent Pending
  • No locking plate required for standard pin boxes, to activate slide mechanism
  • Slides utilizing rack and pinion gear technology UMS (or under bed) mounting system leaves the bed free and clear when you remove the hitch
  • Up to 14” of travel to help get in and out of those tight spots
  • Lower profile design
  • Lighter weight for easier hitch installation and removal
  • Easy access for routine maintenance
  • Three mounting systems to fit your needs
  • 3 vertical height adjustments to help you level truck and trailer
  • 18K towing capacity
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the USA with American steel

Need locking plate with Glide Ride, Mor Ryde or 5th Airborne pin boxes

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